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Industry information   |   2020.04.08

Shenzhen's foreign trade data is better, recovering together with spring

       No one can be alone in the global spread of the epidemic. Fortunately, the toughest days in the country have passed. With the acceleration of the process of enterprises returning to work and production, the data of foreign trade in many parts of the country rebounded significantly. Shenzhen is also up to expectations, foreign trade data is good. According to the latest statistics, in March this year, Shenzhen's import and export reached 228.18 billion yuan, down 1.1% compared with the same period last year; compared with January February, Shenzhen's import and export decreased by 16.3 percentage points, with clear signs of recovery.

The epidemic situation is so prevalent that many countries shut down production and even closed down the country. The operation of global industrial chain and supply chain is blocked. International trade is obviously declining, and the foreign trade industry is under heavy pressure. Shenzhen, as a major foreign trade city and one of the cities with the highest export-oriented economy in China, has a total import and export value of 2.98 trillion yuan in 2019, accounting for about one tenth of the country's total, ranking first in the mainland's large and medium-sized cities for 27 consecutive years. Shenzhen's import and export is not only related to the city's economic development, but also to the overall situation of stable growth of foreign trade in the whole province, and even to the stability of the global supply chain.

In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the development of foreign trade and stabilize the basic board of foreign trade, Shenzhen has made a policy of "combination boxing". Shenzhen Customs issued 20 measures to provide convenience for foreign trade export enterprises; in order to alleviate the pressure of capital chain of foreign trade enterprises, Shenzhen innovated financial service mode, "16 preferential measures", "financial Ark" and "foreign trade loan" continued to be launched, providing strong support for foreign trade enterprises to overcome difficulties and seek opportunities in crisis and achieve high-quality development.

Shenzhen's assistance policy has a clear goal orientation. First, we will help foreign trade enterprises to solve the difficulties they face in the short term and find ways to survive the impact of the epidemic; second, we will encourage foreign trade enterprises to innovate and develop, seek upgrading in products, services and formats, maintain a sustained recovery in the long term and promote high-quality development of foreign trade. The one belt, one road, along the way, has been steadily improving, and the import and export of private enterprises have shown strong vitality. The policy dividend is being released rapidly, which has injected confidence and power into the recovery of foreign trade enterprises in the city.

At present, the resumption of work and production is accelerated in an all-round way, and enterprises are working overtime. However, the overseas epidemic is still spreading, the lack of external demand and the decline of foreign orders are still common challenges for domestic and foreign trade enterprises. In the second quarter of this year or even for a longer time in the future, Shenzhen's foreign trade is still facing greater uncertainty. But one thing is clear. This epidemic is a stress test of anti globalization. Countries all over the world can clearly feel that it is almost impossible to leave globalization. As long as globalization continues to advance in depth and the global industrial chain and supply chain can operate smoothly, the impact of the epidemic on the development of Global trade is temporary and phased. Shenzhen's open economy is resilient, full of potential and large room for maneuver. Its foreign trade enterprises have strong innovation ability and market development ability. The epidemic situation will never change the long-term fundamentals of Shenzhen's foreign trade, and there are plenty of opportunities for foreign trade enterprises to explore and seize.

"If you don't pass the cold winter, how can you see spring?" Under the influence of the epidemic, Shenzhen's foreign trade, which has good news, is recovering in an all-round way together with spring.