Keeping abreast of the latest developments

  • 2020.04.20

    Characteristics, design principles and methods of landscape architecture sketch

    Landscape architecture sketch is a part of every landscape unit. It has penetrated into the whole landscape design and began to receive more and more attention. Excellent design of landscape architecture can not only bring people beautiful environment enjoyment, but also improve the overall quality of landscape space and the overall effect of landscape.

  • 2020.03.30

    Construction process of landscaping

    Technical personnel and management personnel with rich experience shall be assigned to form the project management department according to the project. First of all, the personnel of the Department shall have a detailed understanding of the design drawings, construction drawings, construction requirements, construction period, contract provisions and other relevant materials.

  • 2020.03.16

    Current situation of landscape industry five imbalances in development

    The activities of building garden city reflect that there is a big gap between the underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions and the developed areas in the East.

  • 2020.03.02

    Construction method of fountain landscape in landscape engineering

    Fountain is one of the most common garden waterscape, which is widely used in indoor and outdoor space, such as city square, public building or as a building, garden sketch.