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Company news   |   2020.04.20

Characteristics, design principles and methods of landscape architecture sketch

Landscape architecture sketch is a part of every landscape unit. It has penetrated into the whole landscape design and began to receive more and more attention. Excellent design of landscape architecture can not only bring people beautiful environment enjoyment, but also improve the overall quality of landscape space and the overall effect of landscape.

Characteristics of Landscape Architecture

1)Meet the integrity of the landscape

As one of the four elements of garden, landscape architecture sketch is an indispensable part of garden. Landscape architecture sketch and other three elements together form the artistic effect of the overall landscape. Landscape architecture sketch exists in an environment as a whole, so the appearance, style, form and use of materials of a landscape architecture sketch should be designed in line with the integrity of the environment. In the process of design, the surrounding environment should be fully considered to ensure the harmony and unity with other garden elements in style and form, so as to achieve the integrity of the landscape.

2)The scientific nature of setting and creation

The design of landscape architecture is to serve the needs of a whole landscape. Its location and style are designed according to the needs of the environment. Its fixity and specificity cannot exist without surrounding environment. In the process of landscape creation, architectural sketches should be carefully designed and scientifically arranged in combination with the design of scenic spots, the view points of landscape, the arrangement of traffic and the design of terrain, so that they can play their maximum value in the landscape and form a perfect landscape effect in combination with other elements.

3)National and artistic style

Landscape architecture sketch is the finishing touch in the landscape, it not only has the use function but also has certain artistic appreciation. The external shape, material and color of the architectural sketch can show the visitors his style, characteristics, construction time and regional characteristics. Therefore, the design of the architectural sketch should also pay attention to the embodiment of personality and characteristics and the characteristics of the times on the premise of meeting the general environment.

4) Reflect cultural and artistic characteristics

The culture of landscape architecture sketch mainly embodies the local culture of a country, a nation and a region. It refines these cultural elements into the creation of sketch to show the historical culture and human customs of a region. Therefore, the image of the architectural sketch corresponds to the local cultural background.

5)Diversity of forms and reasonable functions

The form of landscape sketch is rich and colorful. Different structures, volumes and materials make the sketch bring different feelings to people. With its beautiful shape, coordinated color and comfortable materials, garden pieces serve people, satisfy their use function, and sublimate the quality of landscape space.

Design principles of landscape architecture sketch

1) "People oriented" design principle

People are the main users of landscape, and the service object of landscape sketch is people first. People's behavior habits and interests determine the choice of space. The design of landscape architecture pieces should first be people-oriented, not only the "people-oriented" in function, but also the "people-oriented" in psychology. The scale and material of landscape architecture design should ensure the safety and convenience of users, and then pay attention to the aesthetic and psychological needs, such as the use of color, the creation of privacy, and the embodiment of the sense of belonging. To meet people's emotional needs.

2) Meet the unity of environment

Landscape architecture sketch is an important element of landscape architecture. In the design of a single architectural sketch, first of all, the theme and style of landscape should be clear. According to the needs of the theme to design the sketch, and according to the form of landscape to design the form of the sketch. For example, in the design of landscape architecture pieces in Chinese classical style garden, classical seats, garden lights and garden bridges should be used, so as to ensure the harmony and unity of styles.

3)Integrate culture and highlight local characteristics

The design of landscape architecture sketch should not only meet the requirements of the overall style of the environment, but also reflect the characteristics rather than be the same. Refining the cultural connotation and local characteristics of this area and integrating them into the design of sketches can truly reflect the social life background and historical and cultural characteristics of a region, so as to reflect the culture and connotation.

Design method of landscape architecture sketch

1) Skillful in intention

First of all, meaning is the creation method of calligraphy and painting art, and also for the design of landscape architecture sketches, the design without intention is the simple stacking of forms, lacking connotation and appeal. Garden sketch not only brings people visual comfort and convenient use, but also pursues spiritual and cultural ingenious communication, so that it has more connotation and depth. The design of landscape architecture sketch not only pursues the beauty in form and the richness in form, but also has certain artistic conception and interest. In the design and creation of landscape architecture sketch, the highest level of architecture sketch design is to achieve the effect of blending feelings and scenes, and making people feel the scene.

2) Good at body

Proportion and scale are the important factors to produce coordination. The first problem in aesthetics is coordination. Everything beautiful is harmonious and proportionate. In the process of landscape architecture design, exquisite proportion and reasonable composition are the first of the overall effect of landscape architecture. In the private gardens of Chinese classical gardens, delicate and small pavilions, graceful rockeries and zigzag bridges can all form excellent works of gardens, which can be seen from the small; while in the summer palace, spacious and atmospheric long corridors and long seventeen hole bridges are inlaid on the broad Kunming Lake, forming an overall landscape, which shows the grand atmosphere of royal gardens and the supreme rights of emperors and nobles. Therefore, in the landscape environment with different space conditions, such as space size, terrain height, close-up prospect, the design of landscape architecture sketch should have corresponding volume and scale, not only to achieve the effect but also to win the host.

3) Unique

Each landscape architecture sketch is tailored for this landscape. Its shape and style should be in harmony with the landscape environment. It is in line with the theme of the garden that can reflect the local culture and cultural characteristics. They are all beautiful works of art in the landscape, rather than products of industrial production. In the design of landscape architecture sketch, we should fully reflect its own characteristics, skillfully melt it into the landscape modeling, and integrate it with the landscape to form the overall effect.

4) Learn from nature

Although it is made by people, “born out of nature” is the basic principle for the natural landscape garden in China. The garden of our country pursues nature, and all elements of gardening try to keep its original natural characteristics. As the finishing touch of landscape architecture, landscape architecture pieces should be well integrated with the natural environment. Therefore, the designer should not destroy the original topography in the process of design, and make full use of the flexibility and diversity of architectural sketches to enrich the garden space.

With the development of urban environment construction, the function of landscape architecture sketch has been paid more and more attention. The design of landscape architecture sketch is flexible and novel, which is scientific, cultural, artistic, functional and technical. In the landscape, the layout of landscape architecture pieces, together with topography, plants and water body, constitute a beautiful landscape, producing wonderful artistic effects.