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Company news   |   2020.03.30

Construction process of landscaping

1. Construction preparation

1) Technical personnel and management personnel with rich experience shall be assigned to form the project management department according to the project. First of all, the personnel of the Department shall have a detailed understanding of the design drawings, construction drawings, construction requirements, construction period, contract provisions and other relevant materials. And go to the site to understand the site. The landscape effect and technical requirements shall be disclosed to the owner and the construction party on site, and the key points and difficulties of construction shall be clarified, so as to reduce the late rework caused by different understandings, save the construction cost or reduce the construction difficulty.

2) Organize the construction technical force, arrange the construction plan and make the project schedule according to the construction task amount, construction requirements and specific quota of the budget project. Prepare the sources of construction machinery, tools, flowers, trees, fertilizers and other materials, and make the preliminary preparations for the construction. Personnel must be in place, tools must be sufficient, machinery must be maintained in good condition, flowers, plants and trees must meet the requirements, be free of pests and diseases, and fertilizer requirements are qualified.

2. Basic topography and underground work

In the garden construction, the first project to bear the brunt is the arrangement and transformation of the terrain, which has a large amount of work and a long construction period. On the premise of meeting the design intent, how to reduce the construction amount of earthwork as much as possible, reduce the waste of investment caused by unnecessary earthwork waste, so as to save investment and shorten the construction period.This requires the necessary calculation of "excavation, filling and transportation" of earthwork, so as to make a clear understanding and overall arrangement, so as to improve work efficiency and economic benefits.

Calculation of earthwork volume: earthwork volume is generally calculated according to the design topographic map with original topographic contour. Because landscape architecture is required to have natural effect, it is impossible to be a regular simple shape. When calculating the quantities, we should strive to be accurate, and try to decompose the earthwork into the finer the better, which can reduce the error. After calculating the amount of soil piling and lake digging, count the amount of soil required or the amount of residual mud to be transported.

In order to reduce the transportation of surplus mud, it is often to excavate and bury in situ or transfer it to the garden for foundation construction; it is better to enter 30% more earthwork than the estimated amount, because there is settlement and loss, and even the extra planting soil can be digested by the greening micro terrain, so the earthwork should be more than not less.